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Your support is vital to our growth.
Check it out below and pick 
the one that works best for you.



Our General Fund supports  the overall business of Shamrock Productions:

  1. Support Summer Youth Programing and Senior Community Outreach

  2. Support of our Webpage, Social Media, Advertising, Letterhead, Business Cards, etc...

  3. Maintenance and storage of sets, props, costumes... 

  4. General and Liability Insurance


This is the Chess Wishlist, donating to the Wishlist allows our Production Team to meet and bring their most amazing visions.  We appreciate out patrons support in making Chess the quality production you've come to expect.


Playbill Ads/Gold Star Sponsorships/Cast Flowers


The is a unique area of our fundraising.  Playbills provide an opportunity for our neighbors and friends to buy advertising to highlight their amazing business. Friends and families can reach out to our amazing Cast, Orchestra and Production team to praise their talent, recognize their commitment, and thank them for the time they spent making this production both amazing and memorable.


This area also allows individuals to buy flowers for our amazing performers, to be present in the dressing and green rooms to brighten their pre-show experience and set a positive and love filled mood going into a performance .

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